Mystery Mail Call is all about the community, and we mean it. Every month, we offer an opportunity for artists from the comic book community to showcase their work. We will make your art the cover for our newsletter and distribute it to all mystery mail call subscribers in their mail call. Submission for this showcase is as easy as sending us an email filled out with the submission template below and a sized image 8.5x11 in PDF, PNG, or JPEG format. (You may send more than one image if you would like If you would like a watermark/tag on the photo please make sure this is included. Submissions go to mysterymailcall@gmail.com.

We will only use your art for this specific purpose. We will not sell or distribute it in any other manner. When you submit your art for consideration for participation in this program you are agreeing to allow us to print and distribute the selected image in the manner described within the template. Mystery Mail Call and Geekstreet Comics may also share this image via other social platforms such as IG/Snapchat/Facebook/YouTube.

You must copy and paste ALL of the below text template including the disclosure. This is so we know that you acknowledge the use of your art. It is very important to us to establish ethical use practices.



Name of piece(s):

Special requests:

Contact Number:


The submission of this file to Geekstreet Comics/Mystery Mail Call is an assertion that I am the originating artist or have the rights to distribute this art without legal restriction. I authorize Geekstreet Comics/MMC to distribute this art in the methods described below and understand that Geekstreet/MMC do not have permission to use this image for other purposes. Geekstreet will only use the image with specific credit given to the artist.

Geekstreet Comics/MMC have permission to use this image for:

-Distribution in print at no cost to me and without payment to me from geekstreet

-Shared via social media accounts such as but not limited to: Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat

-Use on geekstreet101.Com

By submitting this email to mysterymailcall@gmail.com I am asserting my knowledge and acceptance of the terms spelled out above.